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Win For Teachers

Dear Friends: South Carolina is a top destination for those moving from other states. As most of us appreciate, our business and taxpayer-friendly policies make SC a great place to…

WOKE Ender

Dear Friends: If the world’s elites and progressives had their way, we would all bow before their ‘Green Idol’ of Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG). It’s all about power and control. After all,…

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Rep. Bill Taylor Wins Debate for Passage of the Article V Convention of States in the S.C. House of Representatives

Strong Voice, Effective Leadership

Limiting Government

I’ll work for government that recommits itself to pursuing freedoms. I strive to cut the red tape removing barriers and regulations.

Tax Reform

I support a tax system that is FAIR for all. I have sponsored legislation to slash SC’s income tax rates and reduce the state sales tax.

Stand for Life

I am 100% pro-life from conception until natural death. I have a 100% pro-life rating for SC Citizens for Life.